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The Huangyan agglomeration development focusing on the construction of mold industry service platform
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The mold is" the mother of industry". Huangyan is famous for the mold industry, in 2009June was approved by the provincial government as the first batch of21 Industrial Clusters Upgrade Demonstration zone. According to the international model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui investigation, to the end of last year, whole area total production plants die point (including the self-employed) more than 2200, of which more than 550professional mold enterprises, annual production value of nearly 11500000000yuan of industry.From on 50 time begin the century development of the Huangyan die industry, already present assemble to change development trend, massive economic characteristics. Many die enterprises, nearly 2000concentrated in the main urban areas of the West and Western Economic Development Zone of 10 square kilometers area.

The west is centered most, mold enterprises and processing more than1000.In the course of industrial development, a number of Huangyan enterprises to do specifically, to do fine road, achieve dislocation development. Zhejiang Ho Industrial Company Limited development of light guide body mold, for a new Benz car lamp production. The light guide lighting technology content is high, only need LED lamp 1/10light can shine." Ho" success, to show the world the Huangyan mold enterprise level. But overall, the mold industry is decided by the characteristics of small scale of enterprises, industry cluster development, uniting, become a path.This, combined with Huangyan district city industrial form, compose is built "one advocate a center " the mold industry layout. " One", namely, covers an area of 2300 acres of China ( Huangyan) metro area as the mold, mold industry development in the core block, vigorously introduce quality enterprises. At present,14 enterprises have settled in the mold of metro." A", refers to the West and north two blocks with strong industry base area.

In the area of quality enterprises to encourage mold town assemble at the same time, this area will focus on cultivating potential, distinctive industrial reserve enterprise." A center" refers to the Chinese Huangyan mold Expo Center, its position as the District of Huangyan mold industry is most concentrated, most important public service platform and trading platform, the formation of the professional market and service system. The market covers an area of 120 acres, the mold.The European debt crisis, turmoil in the middle east.

In the international economic situation, from the second half of last year, the international mold market atrophy, the Huangyan die mold enterprise brought effect what.By car, home appliance industry is driven, domestic market to improve the development of mold, sales year-on-year growth.In the complex economic situation, Huangyan mold industry is facing a shortage of funds, the production cost rising pressure. This enterprise production cost rises on the whole10%, wherein the artificial cost increase of 25%.Huge pressure before, competitive consciousness is stronger. Zhejiang Jingcheng mold Limited company to develop new products every year around 5, Chen Fupeng says, is" every day in the upgrade". But a pair of mold maximum production of two thousand or three thousand sets, some even only three two sets. Mold industry of this one characteristic, decided the enterprise is difficult, do essence of life easy.How to give the driving force for enterprise development, make them as soon as possible upgrade?

In addition to currently do strengthen bank-enterprise cooperation, to help solve the financial problems of small and micro businesses, Huangyan district is a" big game": promote mold public platform construction.In the mold industry layout," one center" China die Huangyan Expo Center, one of the function blocks is public service platform, including research and development, testing, training, exhibition, information center of the five, to better serve the enterprises.As a public service platform for part of Huangyan District of industrial design, molding base is active in creating provincial characteristics of industrial design model base of pilot job. In the existing mold design based on units, the base will be the introduction of domestic and foreign high-end professional design institutions, universities and colleges mold design and mold division test center, rapid prototyping center, materials analysis centre, and an annual design competition.Huangyan mold industry service platform construction, also had certain foundation. Huangyan mould association takes the lead, sincere, Dow, Jia Hui and other 23 enterprises as the main body, the plastic mold block Industry Quality Alliance standards, and by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau inspection. The district government plans to invest 20000000 yuan, construction area of 1500 square meters national mold testing center, has been approved by the State Administration of quality supervision to.Mold industry is Huangyan" signs".

According to Luo Baihui said, in early 1984, the national machinery industry ministry undersecretary Yang Keng praised, Huangyan is the" China mold town".After more than half a century of development, Huangyan mold enterprises remain scattered, small features. How in the current situation of the transformation and upgrading of the road, is unable to avoid.

In the original basis of the development of Huangyan District, with big eye, broad-minded, choose mold industrial clustering development road.Agglomeration benefits, one is helpful for adjusting industrial gradient and the enterprise layout, two is to facilitate the provision of public services, both " atmospheric", and " and". The move, to the enterprise in the area, is extremely advantageous. But across the road of development, not a" poly".In addition to" gather", also have a service. Huangyan to build the mold industry service platform, in the area of assemble of industry of construction market, and do training, R & D, provide a "package" service, can make enterprise benefit, but also conducive to the long-term development of the industry.

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