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Huangyan concentrated development, focusing on the construction of mold industry service platform

Mold is the "mother of industry". Huangyan is famous for its mold industry. In June 2009, it was approved by the provincial government as the first batch of 21 industrial cluster transformation and upgrading demonstration areas in the province. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, by the end of last year, there were more than 2200 mold production plants (including self-employed households), including more than 550 professional mold enterprises, with an annual industrial output value of nearly 11.5 billion yuan.

Huangyan mould industry, which began to develop in the 1950s, has long shown a trend of agglomeration development, with obvious characteristics of massive economy. Among many mold enterprises, nearly 2000 are concentrated in the west of the main urban area and the west of the economic development zone, with a total area of 10 square kilometers. Among them, Xicheng is centralized, and the number of mold enterprises and processing points exceeds 1000.

In the process of industrial development, a number of enterprises in Huangyan have embarked on the road of specialization and refinement to realize dislocation development. The light guide mould developed by Zhejiang saihao Industrial Co., Ltd. is used for the production of the lamp of a new Mercedes Benz car. The technical content of light guide lamp is very high. Only one tenth of the light source of LED lamp can emit light.

The success of "saihao" shows the world the level of Huangyan mould enterprise. However, on the whole, the characteristics of the mold industry determine that the small scale of enterprises, industrial cluster development and cluster development have become the necessary path.

In this regard, Huangyan district combines the urban and industrial development form to build a mold industry layout of "one main, one auxiliary and one center". "One master", that is, China (Huangyan) mold new town covering an area of 2300 mu, as the core block of mold industry development in this area, will vigorously introduce high-quality enterprises. At present, 14 enterprises have settled in mold new town.

"One pair" refers to two areas with strong industrial development foundation, Xicheng and Beicheng. While encouraging high-quality enterprises in the area to gather in the mold new town, the area will focus on cultivating potential and characteristic industrial reserve enterprises.

"One center" refers to China Huangyan mould Expo Center, which is positioned as a centralized and important public service platform and trading platform for mould industry in Huangyan District, forming a professional trading market and service system. Among them, the mold market covers an area of 120 mu.

European debt crisis, Middle East turmoil. Under the international macroeconomic situation, since the second half of last year, the international mold market has shrunk, which has had an impact on Huangyan mold enterprises.

Driven by the automobile and household appliance industries, the domestic mold market is developing well, and the sales volume has increased year-on-year.

Under the complex economic situation, Huangyan mould industry is facing the pressure of shortage of funds and rising production costs. This year, the overall production cost of enterprises increased by 10%, of which the labor cost increased by 25%.

In the face of great pressure, enterprises have a stronger sense of competition. Zhejiang Jingcheng mould Co., Ltd. develops about 5 new products every year. In Chen fupeng's words, it is "upgrading every day". However, a pair of molds can produce two or three thousand sets, and some even only three or two sets. This characteristic of the mold industry determines that it is difficult for enterprises to grow and easy to refine.

How to give impetus to the development of enterprises and make them transform and upgrade as soon as possible? In addition to strengthening bank enterprise cooperation and helping small and micro enterprises solve financial problems, Huangyan District is making a "big move": promoting the construction of mold public platform.

In the layout of mold industry, "one center" is China Huangyan mold Expo Center, one of which is a public service platform, including five centers of R & D, testing, training, display and information, so as to better serve enterprises.

As an integral part of the public service platform, Huangyan District molding industrial design base is actively carrying out the pilot work of creating a provincial characteristic industrial design demonstration base. Based on the existing molding design units, the base will introduce domestic and foreign high-end professional design institutions, mold design divisions of colleges and universities, mold testing centers, rapid prototyping centers, raw material analysis centers, etc., and hold industrial design competitions every year.

The construction of Huangyan mould industry service platform also has a certain foundation. Led by Huangyan mould association, with 23 enterprises such as Jingcheng, Dow and Jiaren as the main body, Huangyan mould association has implemented the Quality Alliance standard of plastic mould block industry and passed the acceptance of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision. The district government plans to invest 20 million yuan to build a mold testing center covering an area of 1500 square meters, which has been approved by the General Administration of quality supervision.

Mold industry is the "signboard" of Huangyan. According to Luo Baihui, as early as 1984, Yang Keng, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, praised Huangyan as "the hometown of molds in China".

After more than half a century of development, Huangyan mould enterprise still has the characteristics of scattered and small. How to get out of the way of transformation and upgrading under the current situation is an unavoidable choice. On the basis of the original development, Huangyan District has chosen the road of cluster development of mold industry with great vision and magnanimity.

The advantages of agglomeration are: first, it is conducive to adjusting the industrial gradient and enterprise layout; second, it is convenient to provide public services, both "atmosphere" and "harmony". This is extremely beneficial to enterprises and regions. However, the road of leapfrog development cannot be "gathered".

In addition to "agglomeration", there should also be services. Huangyan focuses on building a mold industry service platform, building markets, training, R & D and providing "package" services in industrial clusters, which can not only benefit enterprises, but also benefit the long-term development of the industry.

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