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The rise of private mold enterprises and the improvement of mold industrial structure

In recent years, China's mold industry has accelerated the pace of system reform and mechanism transformation, and the industrial structure is becoming more and more reasonable. More and more foreign-funded enterprises see the growing Chinese mold Market and enter the Chinese mold market one after another. Many international well-known automobile mold enterprises and injection mold enterprises have also entered China one after another, and their efforts to enter the Chinese market are very rapid, The speed is also very fast. Luo Baihui, Executive Secretary General of the international mould, hardware and plastic industry suppliers association, said that the entry of foreign-funded enterprises into the Chinese market not only brings funds to the Chinese market, but also brings new technology, equipment and factory management. For example, Toyota of Japan set up a factory in Tianjin, which took less than a year from planning, construction and production. Sekely company of the United States is a large stamping die factory in North America. It built a factory in Shanghai in 2006. 

The second phase of the project is mainly stamping dies. Magna of North America has built a stamping plant of a certain scale in Tianjin Airport in 2006, while in Guangdong, South China In Shenzhen, Hong Kong funded, Taiwan funded and foreign-funded enterprises can be found everywhere, and the total sales volume of molds has become more and more in China.

The rise of private mold enterprises is also a major adjustment in China's mold industrial structure. Private mold enterprises have occupied a leading position in the whole mold market. According to Luo Baihui, in the past few years, when people mentioned automobile mold enterprises, they might think of FAW, Tianqi, Dongfeng and other enterprises, but now this pattern has been broken, and more and more private automobile mold enterprises have begun to enter the front end of the industry. They follow the pace of the times and the footprints of the international mold development level, In China's mold market set off an upsurge after another. Many emerging private mold enterprises are good at summarizing the development process of China's mold industry, drawing valuable experiences and lessons, and digesting them in the enterprise's design planning and development strategy. Private mold enterprises are more free in the use of funds, which makes them go faster than state-owned enterprises in the market. Many private mold enterprises also pay great attention to the brand construction, information construction, international market development, and realize the professional production of molds.

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